Facilities Maintenance Services

Our single focus, every day, is to walk in our customers’ shoes to improve the delivery of facilities maintenance services. Through objective measurement, we improve performance and influence behaviour to ultimately enhance the overall customer experience within the locations we serve.

"We are proud of our quality workmanship and provide a 12 months written guarantee at the conclusion of each job"


Residential Electrical Services

Integrity in Every Job…

You should never have to be concerned that your electrician will overcharge you, create an unsafe situation in your home, or not finish your job. We have been working in Sydney, NSW homes since 1996. We know what it takes to deliver quality workmanship at a fair price each and every time we come to your home.


When you call us you can expect:

  • Prompt Reliable Service…
    • A fleet of stocked vehicles and experienced electricians are available 5 day/week. In order to be as efficient as possible we carry many of the parts that will be needed for your job on each truck.
  • Fair Pricing…
    • Compare our hourly rates. You will not be disappointed. We are one of the most competitively priced electrical contractors in Sydney.
  • A Focus on Safety…
    • Ensuring your safety is our #1 priority. All of our installations will meet or exceed Australian standards GUARANTEED.
  • Attention to Detail for Any Size Job…
    • We are able to perform your large and small residential jobs with a fine level of detail and efficiency.
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